Polycom SoundStation IP 4000

Conference Phone (VoIP)

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Factory Serviced Includes 90 Day Warranty
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  • Technical Features

Technical Features for Polycom SoundStation IP 4000

Item # 2200-06640-001
The Polycom SoundStation IP4000 - Voice Over IP (2200-06640-001) is a conference VoIP phone that provides remarkable room coverage. Users can speak naturally from up to 10-feet away. An optional extension microphone offers increased pickup for larger rooms. This model also delivers familiar features such as menu driven user interface, high-resolution backlit LCD,and the convenience of connecting directly into your SIP-based PBX.
Factory Information:
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IP4000 Features:
  • Corded Voice Over IP Conference Phone
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Up To 2-Lines With Up To 2 Calls Per Line
  • Acoustic Clarity Technology
  • Distinctive Incoming Call Treatment / Call Waiting
  • Full Duplex Operation
  • 10 Foot Microphone Range
  • 2 External Mic Ports
  • Adjustable Graphical LCD Display
  • 3-Way Conferencing
  • 3 Context-Sensitive Softkeys
  • Multilingual Menu Support

Key Term Definitions
Acoustic Clarity Technology:
This Polycom patented technology allows you to enjoy instantaneous natural conversation. When paired with a full duplex speakerphone, echo is eliminated and both callers are able to speak simultaneously without experiencing voice dropouts. The voice clarity on conference systems that feature this technology is incredibly crisp and clear.

Full Duplex Operation:
The full duplex feature allows simultaneous flow of audio signals between your conferencing phone and that of the outside caller. Polycom systems carry a full duplex speakerphone, which can transmit and receive audio signals at the same time, in both directions.

When broken down into 2 parts, SIP and VoIP are acronyms for Session Initiation Protocol and Voice Over Internet Protocol. The SIP and VoIP features move voice traffic through IP networks instead of traditional circuit-switched networks. The most popular form of IP network is the internet, users can communicate online with applications such as Skype. SIP and VoIP have taken communication to a new level, allowing for innovative technologies to replace traditional, outdated methods. These protocols can be found in the Polycom SoundStation IP series.

Digital PBX:
A digital, private branch eXchange (PBX) system connects the internal telephones of a private business. The job of a PBX is to maintain and establish a link between two users, disconnect the users and meter the call. These systems are meant for use in the workplace, not at the level of public phone companies or service providers. Every telephone in the business is wired to the PBX system; this is why an access code is required to dial outside numbers. With a digital PBX system a business can drastically reduce the number of telephone lines they must lease from a national service provider.
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