Polycom VoiceStation 500

Bluetooth Conference Phone (Wireless)

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  • Technical Features

Technical Features for Polycom VoiceStation 500

Item # 2200-17900-001
The Polycom VoiceStation 500 (2200-17900-001) is a Bluetooth-enabled conference phone, ideally suited for desktops, cubicles, and other small rooms. This conference phone offers Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and computers. This system features digitally-tuned custom speaker and 3 sensitive microphones for uniform coverage from up to 7 feet away.
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VoiceStation 500 Features:
  • Wireless Bluetooth Enabled Conferencing
  • Conference w/ Internet Calling Services Such as Skype™
  • Perfect for Small Conferences w/ 3 to 4 Participants
  • 3 Sensitive Mics & Digitally-Tuned Speaker
  • Microphone Range of Up To 7 ft.
  • Compact Industrial Design
  • Acoustic Clarity Technology
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR)
  • Full Duplex Operation
  • Easy to Use & Install
  • Universal 19 Key Telephone Keypad
  • 2.5mm Applications Port
  • Can be Attached to a Digital PBX
  • Auxilary Output Jack
  • Single-Cord Connection to Phone Console
  • Mobile Phone Cable
Key Term Definitions
Acoustic Clarity Technology:
This Polycom patented technology allows you to enjoy instantaneous natural conversation. When paired with a full duplex speakerphone, echo is eliminated and both callers are able to speak simultaneously without experiencing voice dropouts. The voice clarity on conference systems that feature this technology is incredibly crisp and clear.

Full Duplex Operation:
The full duplex feature allows simultaneous flow of audio signals between your conferencing phone and that of the outside caller. Polycom systems carry a full duplex speakerphone, which can transmit and receive audio signals at the same time, in both directions.

Bluetooth Connectivity:
The Bluetooth connectivity is very similar to the mobile connection feature. When a conference phone is Bluetooth enabled you can wirelessly connect your mobile phone to the Polycom system. Use the Bluetooth piece to answer incoming phone calls and enjoy hands-free voice conferencing. This feature also allows you to connect to a Bluetooth enabled computer, so you can utilize internet calling services like Skype. The benefits of this connectivity will be recognized immediately. Easily communicate with people around the world and make use of the latest communication technologies to help your business grow.

Dynamic Noise Reduction:
One of Polycom's signature features, Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) eliminates the unwanted background noise that plagues more traditional conferencing methods. This technology was first introduced in the 1980's and targeted noise reduction in long distance communications. DNR can cut down clatter by as much as 10 decibels and can be paired with similar systems. The Polycom systems that carry this feature provide the user with optimum microphone sensitivity while removing dynamic noise. DNR can really make a difference when conferencing with client's long distance, the level of professionalism will be much appreciated.

Digital PBX:
A digital, private branch eXchange (PBX) system connects the internal telephones of a private business. The job of a PBX is to maintain and establish a link between two users, disconnect the users and meter the call. These systems are meant for use in the workplace, not at the level of public phone companies or service providers. Every telephone in the business is wired to the PBX system; this is why an access code is required to dial outside numbers. With a digital PBX system a business can drastically reduce the number of telephone lines they must lease from a national service provider.
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